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Newsmax Host Slammed After Comparing LGBTQ People In Movies To His Secret Love Of Trains

Newsmax Host Slammed After Comparing LGBTQ People In Movies To His Secret Love Of Trains

Greg Kelly, a host on far-right propaganda network Newsmax, is one of Twitter's current laughingstocks after delivering a truly bizarre rant comparing LGBTQ people to trains.

What on Earth is he talking about, you ask? Who knows, but here's the basic gist. Kelly loves trains. He's big into trains! He's a choo choo enthusiast.

But you didn't know that till you just read about it moments ago, did you? Right. That's because he doesn't rub his love of trains in people's faces.

You know, like LGBTQ people do? By existing?

And because of their lack of willingness to treat their lives and identities like Kelly treats his weird love of trains, Kelly is angry about LGBTQ people being in movies.

See for yourself below.

Kelly began his rant by saying he didn't get the concept of "be your whole self."

“For instance, take me, I love model trains. Did you know that? I actually do.”
"...I don’t talk about it a lot on TV because it’s a pretty niche hobby and not a lot of people are into it... I’ll do it on my time and I’m not going to bother you about it fair? You get it? I think that’s a pretty good analogy.”

The problem here of course is that it's not a good analogy, because being LGBTQ is not a hobby.

Kelly then moved on to a clip from an LGBTQ Disney employee talking about the ways that she has included queerness in her work on the company's content. As you might guess, Kelly is not a fan of this.

"You know, movies are about people. Uh why do they have to be about LGBTQ people or anything like that, is the orientation really all that?”

Kelly seemed to be unaware that LGBTQ people are also people, the things "movies are about." That's probably why they show up in movies. Just a shot in the dark.

As you might guess, Twitter had a field day dunking on this very weird take.

According to GLAAD only about 1 in 5 films released in 2020, the last year for which the organization has gathered statistics, had an LGBTQ character. So Greg probably doesn't need to worry about it.