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Fed-Up Neighbor Leaves Epic Note Encouraging Woman To Break Up With Her 'Whiny' Boyfriend

Fed-Up Neighbor Leaves Epic Note Encouraging Woman To Break Up With Her 'Whiny' Boyfriend

Someone fed up with the drama posted a note to their neighbor to break up with their boyfriend.

A photo of the note was posted on the subReddit "trashy" by the Redditor TimeLordArtie.

The letter encouraged the woman in 9S to break up with her "whiney [sic] a**" boyfriend so everyone else can get a better night's sleep.

You can see the letter here:

The note read:

"Girl, do everyone a favor and dump him."
"We dont need to be woken up one more time at 2AM because he can't be an adult and hold his sh*t together."

Apparently there had been a lot of doors slamming and stomping feet, but the worst part was this:

"...hearing his whiney *ss voice yell 'what the f***ck'."

The letter goes on to say he deserved getting hit with an ironing board two years ago. In all caps they beg them to just break up already so they can have one month without interrupted sleep.

Reddit users lamented over bad neighbors.

User calico_unicorn got 3.5 thousand upvotes for this comment:

"Ha, this was so true for a place I lived in. The woman below me had a boyfriend with whom she'd have the loudest sex possible, which I didn't mind at first, but they would argue ALL the time."
"Screaming, doors slamming and they would throw things at at each other. One time they were having sex and she screams 'oh Nick!' A quiet pause and then 'who the f**k is Nick' comes ringing through all the walls."
"I laughed pretty hard with that one."

Maybe our neighbors can hear us more than we think.

User StinkyMcBalls said this:

"I sneezed in bed once and heard the downstairs neighbour say 'bless you'. Made me concerned about how much they could hear, I don't sneeze that loudly."

Sometimes you just can't escape noisy neighbors, like DenSidsteGreve:

"I had a neighbour like this once. But I think she did break up with them, new guys came in, it was quiet for a while, and then it began again. They did, of course, also have very loud sex."

xninjagrrl thought this might backfire:

"This probably just drove her closer to him. Now they can bond about how it's us against the world or some crap."

Some people began talking about toxic relationships, co-dependency and what a neighbor should or shouldn't do in this situation.

Once you get past the jokes about the whiney boyfriend, people become much more concerned with the neighbor celebrating violence.

Oliver-Kneecaps said this:

"I'm more concerned that this neighbour is supportive of someone being hit with an ironing board. More context might be required."

Someone talked about calling the police for public disturbance.

But calling the police doesn't always solve the problem.

The comment from Environmental-Joke19 had this to say:

"Obviously an anecdotal story but here goes; I called the cops on my downstairs neighbor that was hitting his live in girlfriend in the hallway (I had always heard the fighting but didn't know it was violent until then)."
"He was back the next day because she wouldn't press charges. The police have little motivation to help a woman who won't agree to press charges."

Sentient_legume followed up with a reply:

"It's not that they don't have motivation to help, they can only do so much."
"They can't keep someone out of their own home when the adult who's allegedly being abused by them swears up and down nothing happened."
"All they can do is make them leave for the night to extinguish the drama that is upsetting their neighbors. Call enough times and they'll be charged with disturbance."

And Environmental-Joke19 continued the conversation:

"I can't imagine it's easy to open up to a police officer about abuse."
"Just another emergency call that someone other than police could respond to in order to really help."

With 75.7 thousand up votes and 1.4 thousand comments, it's safe to say a lot of people have had a noisy neighbor at some point.

Many comments left the question of the best way to approach these situations up for debate.