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Man Charged After Assaulting Black Parking Garage Worker For Not Showing His ID To Him And His Mom


A Tennessee man has been charged with assault after taking a swing at a Black man working in the River House apartment building’s parking garage in Nashville.

Edward Brennan was arrested by Nashville police after attempting to punch Johnny Martinez, an employee working in the parking garage who was checking the parked cars for parking permits.

Martinez caught the incident on video.

The trouble began when the mother and son duo asked Martinez to show his employee ID. He refused.

The interaction escalated from Edward Brennan and his mother Bitsy Brennan calling 911 to Edward Brennan physically striking Martinez and causing a key from his keyring to fall off.

“He broke this bottle opener off of my keys. When I went to go pick it up, he lunged.”

Martinez's job is to check parked cars for parking permits in order to make sure the company he is employed through, a car booting company, doesn't need to boot any of the cars in the lot.

While working, he reportedly wears a large headlamp, knee pads and a lanyard, hoping to signal to passersby he should be left alone and he should be there.

No charges have yet been filed against Bitsy Brennan.