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QAnon Rep. Begs Republicans To Vote In '22 After Poll Shows Election Fraud Claims Backfired

QAnon Rep. Begs Republicans To Vote In '22 After Poll Shows Election Fraud Claims Backfired
SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images

The message from the Republican party regarding the 2020 Presidential Election is a little divided. Some have accepted the outcome and are trying to build a winning message by pointing the finger at President Joe Biden for the country's woes.

However, others continue spreading the Big Lie, falsely claiming there is mass voter fraud and the results of the 2020 election are up for debate.

This includes Republican Representative of Georgia and QAnon conspiracy theorist, Marjorie Taylor Greene.

This wouldn't be too surprising except she's now trying to backpedal after a recent poll showed why that might not be the best strategy.

Turns out the Big Lie has big consequences for the GOP.

Greene is known for previous support of the Qanon conspiracy theory that claims former President Donald Trump is secretly working to bring down the cabal of an evil world government.

Certain details change, and other conspiracies are folded in, but the disproven idea Trump actually won the last presidential election factors heavily into it.

However, the idea the elections were rigged is causing some right-wing voters to become disillusioned with the election process.

In her own polling, Greene found 4% of her constituents said they wouldn't vote because of the misinformation she helped spread about election fraud.

Why she's surprised by this turn of events, we're not really sure.

Greene has repeatedly indicated support for several different conspiracy theories, including the idea people who've survived mass shootings are just "crisis actors" and Democrats magically control the country.

Her claims the 2020 election was "stolen" in any way already runs counter to the fact she was elected in 2020. One would think if some secret government rulers could steal the election from Donald Trump, they could take a single seat in government away from a particularly annoying junior politician.

That said, all the analysis and audits have concluded there was no massive voter fraud and vote-by-mail is a very secure method of voting.

If MTG wants to keep claiming fraud, she'll have to prove it.

The rhetoric pushed by Greene and others like her has proven very effective in a particular subset of voters. The commands from Trump, and other conspiracy theorists have many supporters pushing to stay home during the next election.

If Greene wants this to stop, she might need to change her tune about how safe and effective voting is.

While she doesn't have any committee assignments in the House of Representatives right now, Greene has been a thorn in the side of the political landscape.

She was accused recently of calling for a civil war by asking in a Twitter poll if the country should "divorce" itself.