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Marjorie Taylor Greene Appears To Call For Civil War With New Twitter Poll—And People Are Pissed

Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

Far-right Georgia Republican Representative and QAnon devotee Marjorie Taylor Greene has once again angered many with a controversial tweet that has some calling for her to be banned from the platform.


Greene posted a poll on Twitter earlier today asking if America should "have a national divorce," a question some have interpreted as a call for a second civil war.

See the tweet below.

Greene is a far-right darling who regularly peddles conspiracy theories, is believed by many to have aided and abetted the January 6 insurrection and has made a name for herself since taking office in January by harassing and attacking Democrats.


Her poll asked people to choose to divide America "by R[epublican] & D[emocratic] states" or to "stay together." Those on the fence could choose "Undecided."

As of this writing, a plurality of Greene's followers and other poll respondents want America to "divorce" along party lines. States don't have political parties, of course, but Greene is presumably referencing a "blue state" and "red state" divide.

Many far-right conservatives who share Greene's political beliefs, especially those with ties to white nationalist groups, have been advocating for a second civil war for years. Many such groups were active participants in the January 6 coup attempt on the U.S. Capitol. Greene has repeatedly defended the insurrectionists and vociferously opposed investigations into the event.

So it's no surprise that her suggesting a "national divorce" raised more than a few eyebrows.

Many on Twitter were outraged.

Others schooled Greene on the absurdity of her tweet.

The question of a Democrat vs. Republican split of the country is a curious one to ask on Greene's part, given her home state of Georgia became a "D state" in the 2020 election for the first time since 1980.

Hope she's ready to spend her non-Washington time in The People's Republic of Democratland in her imagined America of the future.