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Mom Has Hilariously Classic Mom Reaction To Her Son's Letter Coming Out To Her As Trans

Mom Has Hilariously Classic Mom Reaction To Her Son's Letter Coming Out To Her As Trans

Mother of two, Cherie Garcia is trying her absolute best to be a great mom. She's divorced and raising her two kids by herself and teaching them to be thoughtful and kind people.

And honestly, she's nailing it.

Garcia's teenage son, Crow, came out to her as transgender in a letter that looked like a ransom note complete with cut out letters.

Garcia tweeted:

"My teenager handed me this envelope and asked that I wait to open it until after he went to his dad's house."
"After opening it, I called to let him know that the *only* thing that's wrong with this is the 'r' he accidentally left out of congratulations."

She punctuated the tweet with a smiley emoji, a transgender flag emoji and a gay pride flag emoji.

She continued in a thread:

"There is nothing my kids could do to lose my support and unconditional love."
"My prayer for each of them is that they live life as their authentic selves, without compromise."
"My teen is figuring things out and I support him 100%, because God created both of my babies perfectly."

She also noted the conversation between her and Crow's dad.

"I walked by his room before he gave it to me & I happened to be on the phone w/ his dad (we're divorced)."
"Dad asked how Crow was doing & I said, 'They're either working on homework or holding someone ransom.'"
"I was relieved that it wasn't the latter when I opened the envelope."

Garcia's endearing and hilarious response to her son coming out went viral on Twitter, gaining over 24 thousand likes.

People love she focused on the spelling error more than the coming out itself.

Classic mom move.

Garcia might just win the Best Mom Award this year.