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Mom Goes On Rampage After Missing Her Flight As Her Young Daughter Begs For Her To Stop

Mom Goes On Rampage After Missing Her Flight As Her Young Daughter Begs For Her To Stop

A video of a mother throwing a major tantrum at Orlando International Airport after being told she could not board the plane because she missed her flight went viral on social media this past week.

The woman was identified as 29-year-old Dana Pierre, from Brooklyn, New York. She was with her two children—a 12-year-old boy and a seven-year-old daughter—when she had her meltdown.

Pierre was caught on a cellphone camera hurling objects while yelling at Frontier Airlines staff members at the ticket counter upon discovering she missed her flight back to New York.

At one point, Frontier Airlines employee Nidia Vargas pepper-sprayed Pierre, making her back off.

Moments later, Pierre continued with her rampage and picked up one of the separation stanchions from the check-in counter's queueing area and attempted to strike employees with the metal pole before employee William Rijo managed to take it away from her.

Pierre's young daughter was heard throughout the video hysterically crying, "Mommy! Mommy!"

The furious mother was eventually restrained by a security officer and taken away from the airline's counter as her daughter followed her and continued crying for her mother.

WARNING: NSFW language

The airline's spokeswoman confirmed "an incident occurred" at their ticket counter on June 30 and referred the Miami Herald to the Orlando Police Department.

According to an affidavit, officers responded to "a physical disturbance" at 8:54 p.m.

The complaint said once officers arrived at the scene, "they saw the suspect, identified as a 29-year-old woman attempting to strike a Frontier employee with a pole."

Employees said Pierre went behind the counter in an attempt to attack the manager and she threw a computer keyboard at her.

One employee threatened Pierre and told her she would "knock you the f'k out in front of your kids."

Pierre then walked away and told her son to look after his sister because she was "going to f'k up this b*tch."

As Pierre appeared to be removing some jewelry, her daughter cried out:

"Mommy! I don't want you to go to jail!"

People remained concerned for the two children.

According to the Daily Mail, Pierre was arrested and taken to the Orange County Booking & Release Center where she was charged with aggravated assault.

Her two children were turned over to the custody of the state Department of Children and Families.

Pierre was released on a $3,000 bond on July 2, according to Orange County, Florida court records.