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Mitt Romney Dressed Up As Ted Lasso For Halloween And Twitter Wishes They Could Unsee It

Mitt Romney Dressed Up As Ted Lasso For Halloween And Twitter Wishes They Could Unsee It
Greg Nash- Pool/Getty Images, Apple TV

Not everyone goes for the scare when donning Halloween costumes.

Instead of going as bloody zombies and nightmarish ghouls, some All Hallow's Eve revelers dress up as various personas, including Hollywood luminaries, political figures, and other clever get-ups meant to invoke humor.

This year, Mitt Romney chose to dress up as Ted Lasso, the affable American coach who is hired to head an English soccer team on the eponymous Emmy-winning Apple TV+ comedy series.

But the Republican Junior Senator from Utah failed to score a goal on the internet.

Romney posted a series of GIFs and images of himself as the character, who is played by Saturday Night Live alum Jason Sudeikis.

On Twitter, Romney wrote, "If you believe in yourself, and have clear eyes and full hearts—you can't lose," which actually references a different sports TV series, Friday Night Lights.

At least he got the "Believe" sign down pat in the video clip.

Ted Lasso uses the one-word mantra to help inspire his team to bring out the best in themselves when they are on, and off, the field.

In another tweet, Romney wrote:

"Warming up for Halloween weekend with the grandkids."

This time, he accurately quoted the character with:

"As @TedLasso says, 'Your body is like day-old rice. If it ain't warmed up properly, something real bad could happen.'"

But the one tweet that raised eyebrows was a GIF of him, as Lasso, giving a box of biscuits to Democratic Senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema from Arizona.

The gesture is one in which Lasso greets his boss, Rebecca—played by English actress Hanna Waddingham—every morning by giving her a box of biscuits.

"Biscuits with the boss," tweeted Romney.

Romney used the same scenario, this time as a still, for another tweet in which he said of the Democratic Senator:

"She's one tough cookie."

People weren't quite sure what to make of the last tweet but many saw it as one invoking adult film vibes.

Others shared different opinions.

According to Deadline, Romney's online stint was meant as payback after Sudeikis satirized Romney on Saturday Night Live.

Romney tweeted at Sudeikis, writing:

"After 10 years, I'm finally returning the favor."

Romney may not have intended to scare anyone in his getup as an homage to a popular TV character.

But, he did manage to leave the internet with the heebie-jeebies.