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Terrified Minnesota Teens Scramble To Get Away After Black Bear Roams Through Yard In Viral Video

Terrified Minnesota Teens Scramble To Get Away After Black Bear Roams Through Yard In Viral Video
CBS Local News/YouTube

Two teenagers from Centerville, Minnesota were gardening outside when a bear walked into their yard and up their driveway. Their reactions were caught on security cameras outside the home.

Hailey Nelson, 17, and Dori Arndt, 15, were outside their friend, Hailey Nyberg's, home pulling weeds. They saw the black four legged figure out of the corner of their eyes and initially thought it was a neighbor's dog.

Nelson told WCCO-TV:

"We wanted money, so we decided to go pull some weeds and we're just pulling some weeds, just talking, listening to some music, turn our heads and it's just a black lab."

It certainly was not a dog.

When the two realized they were facing a black bear, they ran to the door immediately.


When they ran up to the door, they realized it was locked and began frantically pounding on the door to be let in.

Nelson continued:

"So I'm pounding on the door saying, 'Let us in!'"
"Screaming our heads off, just wanting to get inside!"
"Then [Hailey Nyberg] pokes her head around the corner."

Brian Nyberg, Hailey's dad, let Nelson and Arndt into the house, then went back outside to find his daughter.

Hailey Nyberg explained:

"I heard them screaming and my dad came outside and is just like, 'Why are you still out here? A bear just walked past our ... front yard!'"
"I'm just like, 'What?'"
"And then he's just like, 'Get inside!'"





A few people pointed out how housing developments in former wilderness habitat made neighborhood wildlife appearances more frequent.




Nyberg joked:

"I think it's funny that the first thing Dori went for was her water bottle."
"She didn't think about anything else just her water bottle."

And a few people, including Nyberg's dad, pointed out they grabbed their phones before running away too.

Thankfully, everyone is safe and they can laugh about the hilarious video.