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READ: Twitter User Breaks Up via Text With Random Phone Numbers

READ: Twitter User Breaks Up via Text With Random Phone Numbers

If you've ever been broken up with via text message, then you know how impersonal it can be. But recently one Twitter user took things to the next level by texting random numbers with the same break-up message and waiting to see how things played out.

Mike Primavera, who goes by @primawesome on Twitter, shared his little social experiment in a tweet, saying: "Broke up with a bunch of random numbers this morning. No responses but I feel great." He sent texts to each number with the same message: "This isn't working out. I'm breaking up with you."

But soon after, responses started coming in, and they were all over the board.

A standard response was to say that he had the wrong number, of course:

Based on the responses he received, Primavera would alter the conversation to add odd little details. For instance: kicking out his ex––and their numerous cats:

Or adding that the break-up was over a dislike of Stranger Things:

Naturally, people tried to convince Primavera that breaking up with someone via text was a pretty cruel thing, regardless of whether or not he had the right number:

But considering that pranking random numbers appears to be a growing trend, many of the people Primavera sent his message to either played along or at least found the entire thing to be awkwardly hilarious:

His Twitter followers were quite entertained by the exchanges, and begged for more:

And now that Primavera has had such viral success with his little prank, it doesn't appear that he'll be slowing down anytime soon. In fact, he's already decided to up the ante to divorce:

Oh dear. This is sure to be both awful and hugely entertaining. Be prepared for some exciting updates, everyone.

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