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Mike Pence Slammed For Saying His Wife Karen Is 'The Best Expert I Know' On Pandemic School Policy

Mike Pence Slammed For Saying His Wife Karen Is 'The Best Expert I Know' On Pandemic School Policy
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Karen Pence has no medical training. She has no education in pandemic response, immunology, infectious disease, epidemiology or even the "basics" a school nurse would need. Mrs. Pence has no training or knowledge in pediatric or adolescent psychology. Karen Pence is not versed in the creation or execution of school policy. She has, however, recently taught art part-time.

On Wednesday, Mike Pence told reporters that his entirely unqualified wife, Karen, is "the best expert I know on this topic." By "this topic" he meant the nation's pandemic back-to-school policy.

Considering Karen Pence's lack of qualifications, the Vice President of the United States/Chair of the White House's pandemic task force standing in front of the media and citing her as "the best expert" has people a bit horrified.

He made the comment during a press briefing after being asked why the President was pressuring states to re-open schools and threatening to cut their funding while Pence was framing school openings as a cooperative effort supporting local government decisions. Pence responded by touting Donald Trump's leadership skills ... and then praising Karen Pence as an expert.

The remark about Karen happens at about the three minute mark.

Most states are still seeing dramatic rises in numbers. Some places (like South Florida where I live and where my children attend school) have full ICUs across multiple hospitals with limited ability to care for new patients.

Still, the President is pushing for a nationwide opening of schools without any plans for how to keep the children, staff or families safe. And the Vice President just told the world his part-time art teacher wife is "the best expert."

Twitter, speak your mind.

Hopefully as August draws closer, the man in charge of the White House's pandemic response will meet some more qualified people and one of them can be the new "best expert." We humbly suggest actual experts.