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Michael Bublé Serenades Silverback Gorillas In Australia Who Love His Christmas CD

PA Archive/PA Images - Matt Crossick

Michael Bublé put on a special "Christmas in February" performance in Australia for some of his more surprising fans – three silverback gorillas.

According to staff at Werribee Open Range Zoo in Australia, keepers often play the star's Christmas music to western lowland gorillas Ganyeka, Yakini and Motaba.

The gorillas were treated to a special show as Bublé made a visit to the Victoria park.

"When we play Michael Bublé's CDs, the boys will instantly start pleasure grumbling and sit nice and calm and relaxed," Ben Gulli, a keeper, said.

"Our theory is it's the beautiful low tones that he sings with kind of mimics their pleasure grumble and they've even been shown to hum little food songs when they eat, and we think he must really resonate with that sound."

Bublé sang specially adapted versions of some of his well-known singles, including "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" and "I'll Be Home For Christmas".

"Apparently when they go to bed at night sometimes they play them my Christmas music and so I was singing to them and I had no idea what would happen, and it was amazing. The reaction was amazing," Bublé said.

The gorillas seemed to enjoy the special performance.

Fans all over the world were excited and jealous of the private concert.

The singer performed in several concerts around Australia, and helped raise money for Fire Fight Australia after the recurring fires.

Yes, we're swooning.


Bublé released his album Christmas in 2011 and it has since become a holiday favorite.