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Miami Gay Bar Told 'I Hope Y'all End Up Like Pulse' After Pro-Trumper's Viral Drag Show Rant

Miami Gay Bar Told 'I Hope Y'all End Up Like Pulse' After Pro-Trumper's Viral Drag Show Rant

During a family friendly drag show at The Palace on Miami's South Beach in April, Angela Stanton-King went on an obscenity laden act of hate speech against the LGBTQ+ performers.

Included in the offensive rant was a comment about the horrific mass shooting at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando on June 12, 2016. The tragedy led to 49 people killed and another 53 injured, the majority of which were Latin Americans.

In the video—that can be viewed below (*discretion advised*—Stanton-King commented on two children that were innocently dancing with the drag queen on stage during a Madonna performance.

People were upset by the rant by the Qanon believing GOPer's rant.

Stanton-King said:

"Why in the h*ll have these people got these little bitty-a*s kids at this f**king drag show?"
"Look at this f**king bulls**t… They're picking f**king money up off the floor like they're f**king strippers and s**t."

After Stanton-King posted the video to her 300,000+ Instagram followers , The Palace began receiving violent threats on their accounts.

To Palace owner, Thomas Donall, told local10 one particular comment stood out:

“I hope y'all end up like Pulse."

Of the comment Donell said:

It's really difficult for us and heart-wrenching… I mean it just makes me… really sick to my stomach."

He added:

"It was all innocent fun for the girls. I mean they were posing with a Madonna show."

This is not the first time that Stanton-King went on an anti-trans tirade. She spent two years in prison on federal conspiracy charges for her part in a car theft ring until Donald Trump pardoned her in 2020.

Stanton-King used her freedom to go on another hateful tirade—targeting her own transgender child. She appeared on an episode of Dr.Phil after being invited on the show to be more educated about transgenderism and to find a resolution with her daughter.

Instead, Stanton-King went on another explosive, expletive filled tangent—read more about her response here. Of the experience she took to social media and said:

"F*ck Dr Phil. F**k his motherf*cking wife. F*ck goddamn Paramount studios. F*ck all you other crazy dumba*s sons of b**ches that think a d*ck is somehow magically turned into a p**sy."

Twitter users have had enough from Stanton-King and were pleased to hear her account had been removed.

Transgender youth suffer extremely high rates of suicide, in part due to the intense hatred they endure daily. Combat that hate by showing your support to the transgender people in your life, by advocating, and calling out legislators who will not support ALL of their constituents.