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Two White Florida Men Arrested After Hurling Massive Rock Through Window Of Black Teen's Car

Two White Florida Men Arrested After Hurling Massive Rock Through Window Of Black Teen's Car
@CJ Jones/Facebook

Two white men in Florida were arrested after throwing a rock through the car window of a black teenage boy.

The incident took place in the Lake Forest subdivision of Maple Glen Place in Sanford, Florida, the same town where Trayvon Martin was shot and killed in 2012.

News 6 in Orlando reported on the incident.

Two arrested after rock-throwing incident in Sanford

16 year-old Jermaine Jones was driving into the Lake forest neighborhood to visit a friend's home along with a White teenage male friend.

As later documented by security footage in the neighborhood, Jones was speeding through the empty street, with his friend appearing to be standing out of the window in the passenger seat.

Jones's driving angered two of the neighborhood's residents, 52-year-old Donald Eugene Corsi and 61-year-old Howard Oral Hughes.

The two men proceeded to first throw a traffic cone at Jones's car, and then threw a rock through one of the backseat windows.

Jones subsequently recorded his encounter with these two men, as well as some other neighborhood residents, and posted the video to his Instagram page.

Jones expressed in the video's caption how he believed he was racially profiled.

"I was racially profiled while driving through my friends neighborhood.”
"They didn’t like the way I was driving, so they felt the need to hit my car with a cone, and throw a rock through my window."
"All I wanted to do was de-escalate until police came, because I wasn’t about to get charges pressed on me for no reason."

While Jones has temporarily taken down his Instagram page, his father, CJ Jones, later posted the video on his Facebook page.

Warning: NSFW Language.

In the video, Corsi and Hughes could be seen coming right up to the camera, accusing Jones of "burning out racing" through the neighborhood.

When Jones asked Hughes to "get out of [his] face", he responded by claiming he wasn't in his face, before yelling "get out of my neighborhood f*ckwad".

Jones then made it known that another resident on the scene was carrying a gun, to which Hughes said "the guy who's got a permit to carry."

A female resident then countered Jones by saying "you're the one that would get a gun", before joining Hughes and Corsi in ordering Jones to get out of the neighborhood, and telling him that he didn't belong there.

Jones then took a close up of his back passenger seat window, which was completely shattered, the rock visible in the back seat.

When Jones's friend could be heard accusing Corsi and Hughes of "smashing the window", one of them could be heard responding, "yeah he did, didn't he?"

Viewers of the video were saddened and angry by what Jones had to endure.

@CJ Jones/Facebook

@CJ Jones/Facebook

@CJ Jones/Facebook

@CJ Jones/Facebook

@CJ Jones/Facebook

@CJ Jones/Facebook

@CJ Jones/Facebook

CJ later joined his son at the scene of the incident, where he recorded a Facebook live video, which he said was to have "just so we have evidence, in case something happens to me out here today."

The five-minute video captured Corsi, Hughes as well as other residents being interviewed by police.

CJ showed the house that his sone was visiting that day, and said that even when he arrived on the scene, he was yelled at by a White couple to get out.

CJ also said that Corsi and Hughes falsely told the police that no one was in the car when they threw the stone through the window.

Another female resident of the neighborhood could also be heard expressing her disbelief that two "grown men" would throw a stone through the window of a teenager's car.

While Jones admitted to WKMG News 6that he was in the wrong for speeding, he still didn't believe it justified the behavior of Corsi and Hughes.

"I can admit when I'm wrong, I was speeding a little bit."
"But either way, I don't think it was justified for them to throw a rock through my car rather than just call the police."

While Jones's mother has no doubt that this incident wouldn't have happened if her son had been White.

"There are kids, I was told, that speed in that neighborhood all the time, but they are not of his color."
"I'm pretty sure all this happened because my son is Black."

Corsi currently faces charges for damage to property and launching a weapon into a vehicle, while Hughes was charged with felony property damage and a misdemeanor for battery.

Both men have since been released from Seminole County jail on bond.