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Melania's Celebration Of The National Park Service's Birthday Went Over About As Well As You'd Expect 😐

Photo by Chip Somodevilla-Getty Images

One has to wonder if Melania Trump has any idea what her husband is up to. Judging from her tweets we would guess the answer is no.

On Saturday, The First Lady sent out a tweet in celebration of the National Parks Service's 102nd anniversary but one has to wonder if she ever noticed her husband President Donald Trump has a pretty rocky relationship with the NPS. In case she wasn't aware it started on his Inauguration Day and the infamous "whose crowd is bigger" controversy.

SPOILER ALERT: Obama's is.

Remember this:

When NPS retweeted the image, the administration ordered it to stop tweeting. Perhaps it slipped Melania's mind when she sent out the following tweet.

Luckily Twitter was here to remind her.

Maybe it would "Be Best" is Melania stuck to her anti-bullying campaign.

On not. Sometimes silence works too.

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