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Woman Stunned After DoorDash Delivery Person Put Weight Loss Card In Her McDonald's Order

Woman Stunned After DoorDash Delivery Person Put Weight Loss Card In Her McDonald's Order

In the past year, delivery food has taken on a fresh significance we never would have predicted before the pandemic.

It's allowed us to maintain social distancing while still keeping our favorite food spots open through such an economically brutal year.

Truly, ordering food online never felt so close to a civic duty.

But for one woman, a recent food delivery order from McDonald's ended with her feeling shocked more than anything else.

In a TikTok video recounting the moment, she shared the unexpected addition she received alongside the more traditional big red box of french fries.

"My DoorDash person put this in my McDonald's bag....," she captioned the clip, which showed her delivery person included a flyer for a nutrition club.

The flyer's excited message read:

"Lose weight, ask me how!...Feel free to contact me to start your transformation today!"

People on TikTok couldn't believe the gall of the delivery person.

We appreciate a side hustle, but read the room.

Rosa Alonzo/TikTok


the corn king/TikTok




Others pushed back a little.

They cited the economic realities of our current moment.


Carolinas SweetTea/TikTok



Fortunately, the TikToker who posted the video wasn't upset by the delivery person's addition to their meal.

She shared a few comments assuring people the humor of the moment wasn't lost on her at all.


It's a story that reminds us when you order food, despite only seeing the delivery person for a few seconds, there are plenty of other means of communication at play in the interaction.

All it takes is a little slip of paper slid into a crack in the bag.