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Matt Gaetz Gets Trolled After Posting Cringeworthy Photo Of Himself Lounging Against Kimberly Guilfoyle

Matt Gaetz Gets Trolled After Posting Cringeworthy Photo Of Himself Lounging Against Kimberly Guilfoyle
Committee on Arrangements for the 2020 Republican National Committee/Getty Images; Donald Kravitz/WireImage/Getty Images

Some people really have no sense of self-awareness, or what looks good.

Last week, Republican Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida shared a photo of himself alongside a fellow Republican. Like most of his selfies, he thought the photo was pretty great.

It's possible he thinks this is the best photo ever. Those who saw it on social media failed to agree, however.

Gaetz captioned the photo:

"I will never take a cooler photo than this."

In the photo, GOP Congressman and Trump superfan Gaetz appeared on a couch alongside Kimberly Guilfoyle, whose latest infamous moment was yelling "The Best is Yet to Come" in a speech at the opening night of the 2020 Republican National Convention.

Though Guilfoyle was in a suitable enough position, with her legs crossed and one arm positioned over the back of the couch, Gaetz leaned back awkwardly toward Guilfoyle, until his head was pressed against her bosom. Then he threw in an uncomfortable-looking leg cross and Gaetz's head appearing to be in a strained position to complete the look.

For good measure, the Chief of Staff for the Trump Victory Finance Committee, Sergio Gor, stood behind the couch, in front of some very business-like wall art, leaning forward and smiling above the awkward pair.

You can view the photo here:

Though Gaetz may have been going for more of a "Go Team!" vibe, people on Twitter just found it cringeworthy.

Twitter users agreed there were a lot of weird elements in this photo to comment on.

His head leaning up against Guilfoyle was really the finishing touch that no one wanted.

This wasn't the first cringeworthy photo Gaetz had taken and it almost certainly wouldn't be the last.

There were good, productive intentions behind the staging of this photo, right?

Otherwise, it just reeks of trying too hard combined with cringe. But maybe that's exactly what people should have expected from someone dubbing himself "Florida man" in his Twitter description.