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Mark Wahlberg Proves He's Just As Ripped As He's Ever Been At 51 With Shirtless Gym Video

The actor showed off his impressive physique on Instagram as he got 'ready for the Christmas holiday.'

Mark Wahlberg
Aaron Davidson/Getty Images

Mark Wahlberg, who has had several careers before becoming a successful actor—including rapper and Calvin Klein underwear model, showed the world he's definitely not giving up on physical fitness as he gets older.

Wahlberg has been involved in several movie projects recently, including the incredibly successful Uncharted with Tom Holland, but he definitely hasn't been neglecting his personal training during shoots.

The actor posted a shirtless workout video to his Instagram and the praise rolled in immediately.

With over 600,000 likes, it's safe to say people were happy with what they saw.

It took just about no time flat for the internet to notice the 51-year-old's ripped physique.

Comment from verified Instagram user coryg_ "Wowzuh the man's shreds got shreds"


Comment from Instagram user taha_hassen3 "bro's ripped like his in his 20's"@taha_hassen3/Instagram

Comment from verified Instagram user mariolopez "Killin it my man!"@mariolopez/Instagram

Comment from Instagram user sweetjeannine "Got that body at his age. He ripped and loved."@sweetjeannine/Instagram

Comment from user mikeyrod_fightscience "Over 50 Club... putting them on notice! [fisted hand sign emoji][smirking face emoji]"@mikeyrod_fightscience/Instagram

Comment from Instagram user therealsalvagesister "@bronwynbarritt the beefcake [face with open mouth emoji]"@therealsalvagesister/Instagram

Comment from Instagram user bryankanaann "What's his training schedule like [face with tears of joy emoji]"@bryankanaann/Instagram

Comment from verified Instagram user ricoverhoeven "Damn brother great shape [fire emoji]"@ricoverhoeven/Instagram

Wahlberg didn't just recently get focused on his physique though.

His current abs definitely harken back to his days as a Calvin Klein model 30 years ago.

Recent photos of his Christmas holiday are drawing the thirst posts and gym bro congratulations alike, too.

You can see more of Wahlberg, and possibly his shredded abs, in his upcoming projects: Netflix's Our Man From Jersey with Halle Berry and Apple TV's The Family Plan with Michelle Monaghan.