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Mark Ruffalo Lost His Bag In An NYC Taxi—And Twitter Had A Lot Of Jokes

Photo via Mark Ruffalo/Twitter

If you're a member of the Avengers in any way, you can't really catch a break on Twitter. Sometimes this can work to one's advantage, though: for example, when Mark Ruffalo lost his backpack in an NYC cab, he reached out to Twitter, who helped him find it...but not without roasting it/him first.

Mark posted this plea on social media immediately upon realizing he'd lost the bag.

So naturally, Twitter went to work, but not without speculating the contents of the bag first.

People were also envisioning themselves helping Mark Ruffalo locate his bag, without doing any work to help locate his bag:

And then, there were the actually helpful people.

And thanks to said helpful people, the bag was safely found.

But no "Avengers 4" spoilers were exchanged in its location.

Twitter, sometimes you do okay.

H/T: Buzzfeed, Twitter