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Marianne Williamson's Blunt Answer To Kid Reporter's Question Gets Dark Fast—And Twitter Is Cracking Up

After Tuesday night's Democratic primary debates, all of the candidates headed to the spin room, where reporters asked follow up questions about their performance during the evening.

One candidate, self-help guru Marianne Williamson (currently polling at less than 1%), was lobbed a soft-ball question by child reporter Jeffrey Kraft:

"Do you have a pet?"

Her answer was truly memorable.

Umm...I guess Williamson should get some points for blunt, brutal honesty?

Could this have been her attempt at a teachable moment?

Like many things Williamson has said, many people weren't sure whether it was wise or just a bit insane.

At least she didn't hold the truth back from the child.

There is a distinct energy to Williamson's answer.

Jeffrey Kraft was left at something of a loss for words by Williamson's answer.

The big unanswered question: how did the cat die?

Williamson will never sacrifice her honesty, even if it means scarring every child in the United States.

Although pet ownership comes with the inevitability of outliving most pets. Mr. Rogers himself penned the book When a Pet Dies, available here, to help children with the process.

Perhaps it's time every candidate was asked this question by a child so we could see whether all of them are a bit unhinged, or whether that's just Marianne Williamson.