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Marco Rubio's Biblical Criticism Of The Florida Recounts Gets Turned Right Back Around In His Face 🔥

Getty Images/Jeff J Mitchell

Senator Marco Rubio seems awfully nervous about the Florida recounts, and he's repeatedly tweeting bible verses to express his frustration with efforts to count every vote from last week's midterm election. As a result, Floridians are pretty annoyed with him.

Rubio has a strange habit of tweeting out passive-aggressive biblical verses when facing criticism.

The Republican Senator from Florida has embraced conspiracy theories about illegal practices during recount procedures, yet offers no evidence or proof to support these claims. Florida officials continue to receive and process votes from soldiers overseas, but that hasn't stopped President Donald Trump and Republicans like Rubio from crying foul.

Twitter isn't amused at Rubio's latest attempt to throw shade using biblical verses.

Rubio has posted some bad tweets lately, including this confusing football analogy:

People are sick of Rubio's weird tweets that promote conspiracy theories:

Marco Rubio should probably log-off Twitter and stop trying to discredit attempts to count every vote in Florida. It's clear the Senator is angering his own constituents by using scripture to prop-up desperate conspiracy theories.

H/T: HuffPost, USA Today