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Man Tries To Smuggle A Bunch Of Cocaine Under His Hairpiece—And Fails Spectacularly

mikroman6/Getty Images, @CallyBoy69/Twitter

Drug smuggling is no new practice.

It is the cause of much violence and is the center of numerous television dramas.

However, a recent cocaine smuggling attempt took a much more comedic turn.

A Colombian man was recently arrested at the Barcelona airport in Spain for attempting to smuggle nearly half a kilogram of cocaine into the country.

Spain is a common location for Colombian drug mules to pass their wares into Europe, but this particular man took a unique approach to his attempted smuggling.

Instead of strapping the cocaine to his chest or swallowing condoms full of the drug, this man glued 503 grams (over one pound) of coke to his head.

Clearly he could not walk through security with a bag of drugs on his head, so he used a wig to try to cover it up.


The disguise did not work, as police officers in the airport took note of the passenger's abnormal size and height of his wig.

Pictures of the man with his wig have quickly circulated the internet.

While drug smuggling is no joke, people cannot help but laugh at the man's poor disguise.

According to The Guardian, this was not the first time someone attempted to smuggle drugs with a wig. A few years ago, a woman was arrested when 900g of cocaine was found sewn into her wig.

Everyone knows lace front wigs are best. If only the man had opted for something subtle, like this 24" lace front wig, available here for under $35 in red and black.


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