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Man In 'BBQ, Beer, Freedom' Shirt Interrupts Nevada Press Conference To Rant About The Bidens


A Wednesday afternoon press conference in Clark County, Nevada was interrupted by a man wearing a tank top that said "BBQ, Beer, Freedom" so that he could scream at the crowd of reporters about "the Biden crime family."

"The Biden crime family is stealing the election. The media is covering it up...We want our freedom for the world. Give us our freedom Joe Biden. Biden is covering up this election, he's stealing it!"

The man then, fairly calmly, walked away from the podium.

To his credit, Registrar of Voters Joe Gloria took the interruption in stride. After the screaming man exited stage right, Gloria picked up where he left off with little more than a raised eyebrow.

"Where were we; what was the last question?"

Local CBS affiliate KLAS shared a video of the interruption to Twitter, and it has gotten a lot of attention.

Many Twitter users took the opportunity to poke some fun at the man.

Some appreciated that the man was at least wearing a mask, albeit quite incorrectly.

Others questioned how we got here.

President Trump has referred to the Bidens as an "organized crime family" before, possibly fueling the conspiracy theory that this man was yelling about. He has not been at all shy about attempting to discredit his opponent in any way possible, despite himself being accused of many of the things he has said the Bidens have done.