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Man Claims Boss Cut His Salary After Learning He Was Gay So He'd Be On Par With 'Other Females In The Office'

Klaus Vedfelt via Getty Images

In a move both stunningly homophobic and misogynistic, Eventique's CEO Henry Liron David reportedly slashed one of his employees' pay in half because he was gay and was being paid "so much more than the other females in the office."

The now ex-employee of Eventique, Wesley Wernecke, is now suing the company for discrimination after a number of other alienating practices have come to light.

Wernecke stated that when he was asked whether or not his "wife's" engagement ring looked similar to the one he was wearing, he responded that his partner, Evan, did.

From there, Wernecke said, the tension rose to a fever pitch.

Wernecke said that from that point on, the company began to exclude him from the workplace, including "professional meetings and office social events," and that he was "passed over for assignments with large commissions and subject to discriminatory remarks."

And then Wernecke's pay was cut by 40%, from $145,000 to $70,000, and then again down to $58,000. When asked why he was making such a slash to Wernecke's salary, David simply replied "I couldn't sleep at night thinking that you were being paid so much more than the other females in the office."

On October 4th, Wernecke was eventually fired.

"David simply could not bear the thought that Eventique would continue to be represented by a gay man," states the discrimination suit filed against David and the company.

David's lawyer has called the accusations "baseless."

"These acts cannot be reconciled with the liberal anti-discrimination positions written into law in New York City and State to protect lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, and transgender people in their workplaces," Wernecke's lawyer, Anthony Consiglio said.

Perhaps this event will start a conversation about the dearth of LGBTQ+ protections in the workplace.