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Madonna Causes A Stir After Seemingly Coming Out As Gay In A Cheeky Viral TikTok Video

Madonna Causes A Stir After Seemingly Coming Out As Gay In A Cheeky Viral TikTok Video
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Queer icon and famed pop artist Madonna just made a move on social media that left her LGBTQ+ followers not at all speechless.

The "Material Girl" singer is no stranger to social media stunts and her latest TikTok video in which she implied she's gay created plenty of buzz online.

In the five-second clip, the pink-haired singer challenges herself to a little game involving throwing her pink undies into a trash bucket–the outcome of which would determine her sexual preference.

"If I miss, I'm gay," she declared in the video accompanied by music from social media influencer Nudy Georges.

Since the probability of making the shot was obviously zero, Madonna pretty much came out to her fans with a wink and a nod after failing the attempt.

You can see the clip, which was viewed more than 1.2 million times and with 50K shares, here.

Her revelation hardly came as a shock.




Many sensationalized the news.




The expected ageist remarks came.

But there was also plenty of support for Madge to go around.



In an interview with The Advocate in 1991, Madonna said:

“I think everybody has a bisexual nature. That’s my theory. I could be wrong.”

The sex-positive star added:

“I mean, I am aroused by two men kissing. Is that kinky?"
"I am aroused by the idea of a woman making love to me while either a man or a woman watches. Is that kinky?"
"Also, just because I’m presented life in a certain way doesn’t mean I do all these things.”

While some were quick to roll their eyes over her clip, they were reminded of the singer's philanthropy during the 80s and 90s AIDS epidemic.

Many of her closest gay friends–including her first dance teacher Christopher Flynn, former roommate Martin Burgoyne, artist Keith Haring, and filmmaker Howard Brookner–have died of AIDS.

A Twitter user who claimed to "spread positivity" dissed the singer and wrote:

"We don’t invite her to the lgbt community."

To which a fan responded:

"We don’t invite you to the LGBTQ+ community."
"Madonna has done more for gay rights than you will even achieve and helped with the destigmatisation of queer people even when it meant potentially losing her career."
"She’s a huge reason why we’re where we are. Learn your history."

Haters who believe Madonna is no longer relevant need only to observe her social media presence and the thousands of reactions to her antics to prove themselves wrong.

The 64-year-old "Queen of Pop" is a go-getter who will continue to unapologetically express herself, and there will be plenty of worldwide admirers who will continue to be captivated by her.