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Lynda Carter Shuts Down Critics Who Claim Wonder Woman Is 'Not A Queer Or Trans Icon'

Lynda Carter Shuts Down Critics Who Claim Wonder Woman Is 'Not A Queer Or Trans Icon'
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Lynda Carter has had enough of people trying to deny Wonder Woman her proper gay cred.

The character, first written in 1942 by William Marston, has long been hailed as an icon to the LGBT community. It makes sense - she's a woman from a place where there are no men. She has canon relationships with both men and women throughout her appearances - and that's nothing new.

In fact, comic historians are pretty sure she was initially written to be a lesbian character, but you couldn't exactly say that in 1942. You could, however, write comics where Wonder Woman fantasizes about what a good mistress could do with a group of slave girls willing to submit to her.

Yeah it's been pretty blatant from day one.


Even though the subject has been pretty settled for ages, people still argued when Lynda Carter, the actress most famous for the role, Tweeted about Wonder Woman for pride month.

Her tweet:

Cue the haters like clockwork:

One of the fun things about Wonder Woman is that whole Lasso of Truth thing.

Wonder Woman has always had a way of cutting through the bull with facts and facts are facts whether you like them or not.

Lynda and her lasso of truth got right down to the facts.

If you think she's not, it's because you're not paying attention.


The original writer often wrote her fantasizing about women. He wrote her based off of two women who were in a romantic relationship with one another. DC has confirmed that it is absolutely canon that Wonder Woman has been in relationships with both men and women.

There isn't an argument to be had.

And Twitter kind of loves how little time she had to entertain those who wanted to avoid that Lasso of Truth.

Not that it was needed, but we can (yet again) go ahead and say that pretty much settles the debate. Wonder Woman queer icon status solidified.