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Louis Vuitton is Releasing a $2,400 Jenga Game and It's the Most Extra Thing We've Seen In A Long While

Hasbro, @NukeSZN/Twitter

Fashion label Louis Vuitton isn't typically the name you think of when you hear about family game night.

That might be about to change.

The company, known for their iconic LV branding, is releasing their version of Jenga, believe it or not.

Commissions are earned for these sales.

There is no official release date for it yet, but we know it won't be long.

The product is part of the company's push to move itself outside of just the fashion world. They recently released a pair of wireless headphones that several celebs were seen wearing.

The Jenga set features 54 plexiglass rectangles, each with a monogram or logo. The pieces are multi-colored in jewel toned blues, purples and reds.

Unlike your average wooden Jenga which typically comes in a cardboard box, this one comes in a branded clear plexi container with a lux handle across the top.

Louis Vuitton is allegedly planning to sell the set for $2,460.

Here's a peak at it.

People are pretty torn.

Some are absolutely appalled by the idea of a Jenga set costing so much.

They're giving this a serious thumbs down.

Others seem to be absolutely here for this high fashion wholesome fun.

And then there's this person, who's mostly trying to figure out what Louis Vuitton doesn't make.

We know a luxury "board game" seems ridiculous to some people, but that seems to be half of it's appeal!