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92-Year-Old Mega-Fan Absolutely Cleans Up On 'Wheel Of Fortune'—And Fans Can't Get Enough

92-year-old Liz Wright trounced her 'Wheel of Fortune' competitors alongside her son KC—and earned legions of fans in the process.

Screenshot of "Wheel of Fortune" winner Liz Wright
Wheel of Fortune

A 92-year-old Wheel of Fortune fan triumphed with a big prize on the show this week—and simultaneously captured the hearts of viewers.

Liz Wright, who is a huge fan of the word puzzle game show that has been airing on US television since 1975, competed as a team with her son, KC Wright— and walked away with over $65,000.

During the contestant introductions, KC said of his mother:

"She spent the first 88 years of her life in Oklahoma with my dad."
"They, for 62 years, traveled the world, a hundred countries and seven continents. He passed, she moved down five years ago to be with me."
“And I say, you know, the first 18 years of my life you taught me how to use a spoon, do all the things, watch 'Wheel of Fortune.'"
"And then the last five years I’ve been able to try to give something back to her."

To which host Pat Sajak commented, "Well, you're a good son."

While solving a puzzle, Liz whispered something into her son's ear, indicating she knew the answer.

KC responded to her by saying, "You want to solve it, mom?"

She then went on to correctly solve the word puzzle, which was the phrase, "The Adventure Of A Lifetime."

An impressed Sajak told her:

"You’re just toying with us, aren’t you, Liz?"

Following Liz's triumphant game play, Sajak joined her at the podium and told her:

"I’ve been wanting to come down here. How nice to see you."

He playfully told the studio audience "excuse us" as he hugged her and said that they were having a "terrific night."

But the terrific night wasn't over just yet.

She and her son won an additional $40,000 after she solved a bonus round puzzle with just seven letters on the board in the Food and Drink category, which was "Drizzled Honey."

Even her competition, a team of two sisters, felt honored to play against the mother and son duo.

After winning and being joined by her grandchildren on stage, Liz told her son:

“Okay, but do you think your dad would be proud of us?”

Sajak praised her game play and told her:

“You played extremely well and it was a great honor to have you here."
"We really appreciate you continuing to watch. Stay in touch, ok?”

Game show co-hostess Vanna White even gushed over Liz in a video shared on TikTok.

White, who has held her position on the Wheel of Fortune since joining in 1982, told Liz:

"You are my favorite show in 41 years."
"You made this show so special. Thank you so much."

Crying rn 🥹 #wheeloffortune #vannawhite #sweetmoments

Liz and KC also won the hearts of fans.

KC later expressed gratitude for his special mom and son experience on the show.

He wrote on X (formerly Twitter):

"Mom (Liz) & I are so incredibly blessed with this experience."
"The entire Wheel of Fortune team and family are amazing."

Fans continued being touched by the wholesome episode, which was like a breath of fresh air from the usual entertaining banter between contestants and the show's sly host.

Congratulations to Liz and KC on a fantastic and memorable win!