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Fans Mock 'Little Mermaid' Poster Featuring A Rough-Looking Flounder With Hilarious Memes

A new character poster for Flounder from 'The Little Mermaid,' voiced by Jacob Tremblay, invited jokes from the Twitterverse about the beloved Disney sidekick's live-action portrayal.

Original Flounder
'The Little Mermaid'/Disney

Fans just got their first glimpse of Flounder from the new Little Mermaid, and, well, we really hope the little guy stays off of social media for a while.

We'll give it to Disney. The beloved character certainly looks more realistic than the OG.

Unfortunately for all of us who remember Flounder as Ariel's happy, bubbly BFF from our childhood, though, it would appear that the little tropical fish has seen some things since 1989.

You can see Flounder 2.0 below.

Those who peeped the new character poster of Flounder shared their reactions on social media, and honestly, they make us giggle and weep all at the same time.

Many noted this is just the sad reality of our childhood cartoon buddies transitioning to the live-action world.

A couple think Flounder "went Hollywood."

But mostly, people just think Flounder's had it rough since we last saw him.

We'll be able to see *distinguished* Flounder—voiced by Jacob Tremblay—and the rest of the gang next month... and we can hardly wait!