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Laura Ingraham Schooled For Bonkers Rant About 'Pot Smoking' Life Democrats Want For Young People

Laura Ingraham was mocked for bizarre rant claiming Democrats want young people to be 'weak, poor, frightened and alone.'

Laura Ingraham
Fox News

Fox News host Laura Ingraham gave viewers an earful about how the Democratic party was hellbent on keeping young Americans "weak, poor, frightened, and alone."

During an episode that aired on April 20—a date celebrating cannabis culture and consumption, otherwise known as 420–Ingraham said of the Democrats:

"They don’t want you to get married. They don’t want you to go out to work. They don’t want you to have kids."

She maintained:

"They want you at home smoking pot and playing video games, and spending the rest of your life as a twelve-year-old."

Here is a clip of her rant.

Ingraham has been vocal against marijuana use in the past.

She slammed potheads after a CNN correspondent covered a "Canni-bus" marijuana bus party where revelers rang in the new year getting high in the state of Denver where recreational pot is legal.

"We'll see how this all works out for our country," she tweeted at the time, adding:

"More potheads, increase in cases of schizophrenia, psychosis, more impaired driving."

And in the wake of the Uvalde, Texas school shooting–where 19 children and two adults were killed by a gunman who used a legally-purchased assault rifle–Ingraham joined other conservatives in shifting the blame away from guns.

She claimed the rise in American gun violence was due to an alleged link she called the “pot psychosis–violent behavior connection.”

With her recent weed rant on her Fox program, Twitter users gave Ingraham a blunt...response.

Others thought her complaint was rather dope.

She continued getting burned.

Inhale, exhale, Laura.

It's all good.