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Guys Reveal The Last Compliment They Received

Reddit user santochavo asked: 'Men of Reddit, what was the last compliment you got? When was it?'

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We might forget, but what we say matters. In a single string of words, we can completely make someone's day or we can haunt them for a few decades.

Unfortunately, when it comes to positive statements, like straight-forward compliments, most of us don't hear nearly enough of them from those around us. But at least those memories have a way of sticking around.

Redditor santochavo asked:

"Men of Reddit, what was the last compliment you got? When was it?"

The Coolest Feeling

"One of my students is entering a speech contest about 'Someone You Respect.' They’re writing their speech about me."

- paco_o_chang

"Being a role model is top-tier complementation."

- Notaprettylush

The Feeling When Other People Notice

"A gym bro complemented my gains yesterday morning."

"That bro will get a fist bump whenever I see him now."

- Own_Difference138

A Missed Opportunity

"This is not the last one but one that keeps me up at night."

"I was new in the city, walking down the street, minding my own business."

"I stopped at the crosswalk. The green light turned on, and everyone got moving. Suddenly mid-crossing the street, this gorgeous young lady gently grabbed my arm, looked at me, smiled, and dropped the bomb, 'I love your smell.'"

"I froze right there, blushing, stuttering, 'Uh... uh... th..thank you.'"

"A second passed, and then she waved and left."

"Maybe I should have said something more? Maybe I should have complimented her back? I cringe, for I will never know."

- DreamEater2261

The Old 'Nice T-Shirt' Line

"It was fall, 2007. An unusually warm day with a light breeze. She said, 'That shirt looks really good on you.' I think of it often."

- Telrom_1

"I knew a girl was trying really hard to compliment me once when she saw my shirt and said, 'I LOVE THAT BAND.'"

"...It was a shirt with the Imperial Navy symbol from 'Star Wars' on it, but I love that she tried."

- Cardholderdoe

That Totally Counts

"This might be kind of a cop-out, but my five-year-old daughter, just this morning, said I was really strong and handsome for picking up her rain boots. I'll take it any day."

- LeLaBoBo

A Profound Compliment

"About a year ago, I was seeing a girl who turned out to be heavily traumatized. One day, she texted me, 'You're insatiably sweet, and you feel like everything that is good in the world.'"

"I was trying so hard to make her feel like she deserved good things, so this made me incredibly happy. It ended in flames, but I wish her well, and that will probably be the best compliment I'll ever receive."

- VictoryPie

Different When Coming from a Friend

"I had a friend come out to me in high school. My first question was, of course, 'Do you think I’M hot?'"

"He assured me that, while I AM objectively hot, he only saw me as a brother."

"I lived off that compliment for months."

- _Halboro_

With a Unique Setting to Boot

"Not the last, but a nice story:"

"When I was studying at the university, I was at a lake one day. I was in my early twenties. I had to cross the dam of a hydropower plant to get there. When walking back, a guy from behind me started talking to me. Maybe a couple of years older."

"He asked if I knew where the nude bathing area was. I told him that it was a bit down the path on the other side of the lake. He then asked me if I was doing something this evening."

"I paused for a moment and said, 'Sorry, but I am not gay.'"

"He also paused and said, 'That's a shame because you are really sexy.'"

"That was about 20 years ago."

"Yesterday, my wife said she likes my butt. That was probably the last one."

- AusHaching

What a Lovely Thing to Say

"I had a phone call with my younger sister the other day, and I suppose her boyfriend was there, and he overheard the convo."

"He said that I had a safe voice that lacked hatred and anger."

"I have never heard that before, and now that makes me want to become a person that radiates that in all my ways."

- likeheyscoob

Wonderful for Married Life

"I’m a really lucky man. My wife tells me I look handsome or sexy at least once a week."

- IncrediblyShinyStuff

An Attractive Engagement

"I had an experience 15 years ago that I still think about sometimes."

"I'd stopped to buy groceries on my way home from work - I was a nanny. I was in the checkout aisle, my head elsewhere. The guy in line next to me asked me out."

"I was covered in toddler snot. My hair was a mess. I wore old, stained clothes to work because I got dirty playing with the kids. I was particularly gross that day."

"I was so shocked I said something like, 'But I'm covered in snot!' He told me how attractive he still found me and asked for my number again."

"I then remembered that I was engaged and told him so as I politely turned him down."

"My engagement fell apart a few months later. I wish I'd at least gotten the guy's number. It's one of the best compliments I've ever received."

- JustATinyDude

Making a Positive Difference

"My wife told me that she seriously appreciates me preparing her lunch for the day so that when she wakes up, it’s ready to go and that it makes a huge difference in her life. Then she gave me a hug and a smile."

"I love my wife."

"I work a swing shift, so I go to bed around 2:00 to 3:00 AM. So when she’s asleep, I tend to meal prep a little. I take extreme satisfaction in knowing that I am impacting her in a largely positive way."

- paul_swimmer

No Catfishing In Sight

"I think this was over eight years ago."

"I met my long-distance girlfriend for the first time, and as soon as she saw me, she blurted out, 'Godd**n, you're even hotter in person.'"

"That was probably the first time I ever blushed, lol (laughing out loud)."

- notyouraveragedesi12

The Power of a Good Haircut

"I completely changed my haircut a few days ago and felt handsome like never before. I noticed people being a tad nicer to me. Yesterday, a female acquaintance of mine said I look great."

"A good haircut can change people's outlook on you completely, I'll tell you that."

- EvilGabeN

Especially Important Now

"A girl told me that whenever she is with me, she feels safe."

"That meant a lot."

- Vegetable-Mall-2329

Whether they were ten years ago or ten hours ago, it's wonderful to see how lasting these comments were for these Redditors.

From the right haircut to a cool t-shirt to a quality personality trait, there are countless things we can compliment a person on to boost their day, if not their next decade!