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No one does fashion quite like Lady Gaga.

Though her meat dress days are long behind her, the Oscar-winning singer and actress arrived at the Met Gala this year and stunned the crowds with not one, but four different outfits.

Gaga's first ensemble required an ensemble to help her walk.

But then, before many people even knew what was happening, Gaga did a quick costume change into her second outfit!

Both looks made quite the impression, and people were already impressed...

Twitter was equal parts amused and delighted by Gaga's theatrics.

And then, before they knew it, she was whipping out two more looks.

As if four outfits of pure class weren't enough, the singer also brought along a literal wagon filled with champagne.

Everything else had to wait while Gaga put on her show.

Twitter remembered why it loved Lady Gaga in the first place.

Well done, Lady Gaga! You did more costume changes in 100 feet of red carpet than most people do in a lifetime. And you know what?

They were all amazing.

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