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Kristen Stewart Epically Rips 'Sexist And Homophobic' Outrage Over Her 'Rolling Stone' Cover

The actor addressed the backlash to her controversial 'Rolling Stone' magazine cover on 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,' and she put critics all the way in their place.

Kristen Stewart
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Kristen Stewart's daring Rolling Stone cover shoot, featuring her in a jockstrap for her latest film promotion, Love Lies Bleeding, certainly stirred attention.

After it's release, conservatives were up in arms about the image.

You can see Rolling Stone's post on X, formerly Twitter, below.

On Tuesday's episode ofThe Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Colbert noted how CBS didn't want him to show the cover, which he still did anyway.

Stewart explained her bold decision for her cover pose that featured her staring down the camera with a hand shoved into her jockstrap.

"I want to do the gayest f**king thing you’ve ever seen in your life."

Her unapologetic stance challenges traditional gender norms, reclaiming female sexuality. This bold move sparked discussions on sexism and homophobia in the media.

She added:

"It’s a little ironic because I feel like I’ve seen a lot of male pubic hair on the cover of things. I’ve seen a lot of hands in pants, and unbuttoned [trousers]."
"I think there’s a certain overt acknowledgement of the female sexuality that has its own volition in a way that is annoying for people who are sexist and homophobic."

Stewart also noted the double standard when it comes to male vs. female sexuality, saying:

"Female sexuality isn't supposed to want anything apart from to be had."
"And that [cover] feels like it’s protruding in a way that might be annoying, but...f**k you."

You can watch the segment below.


Kristen Stewart shares the message behind her Rolling Stone cover, and offers two words for the haters. #Colbert #kristenstewartrollingstone #loveliesbleeding

People were instantly impressed by the interview, a portion of which was posted to TikTok. Particularly, folks commented on how much they like Stewart.




A lot of people also wanted to give Stephen Colbert credit for going ahead and showing the cover, even after his network asked him not to.





Then there were those who were happy about Stewart's cover and appearance for more affirming reasons.


Stewart's explanation of the sexist reaction to the photo impressed commenters.


Jumping off of her comments about other covers, people chimed in with additional examples of double standards in the media.



Others were inspired by her framing of female sexual desire.




Finally, there were those who just pulled quotes from the interview in order to highlight them.


Stewart's film Love Lies Bleeding is currently in theaters.