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Know-It-All Guy Gets Taught A Lesson In Vengeance After Calling Child Protective Services On Family Over A Petty Fight About Hot Dogs

Know-It-All Guy Gets Taught A Lesson In Vengeance After Calling Child Protective Services On Family Over A Petty Fight About Hot Dogs
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Some parents will tell you, it's hard having kids sometimes.

But more parents will tell you, it's harder to have a friend in your life who doesn't have children and who doesn't understand what it's like.

Even worse are the supposed friends who think they know what's best for your children, and who will even attempt to punish you when they think you aren't taking their advice to heart. One dad, Reddit user "beerbellybegone," posted on Reddit, in the "ProRevenge" subReddit, the story of more of an acquaintance, who claimed to know everything about everything.

The problem was, this person also claimed to know everything about child-rearing, even though he did not have any kids or any real experience with them. After a particularly bad run-in with this man at a mutual friend's birthday party, the know-it-all attempted to strike out at the family and was quite proud of his decision.

When the father realized who was behind the plot that could have easily hurt his family, he took action to plot out the perfect revenge that would really hit the other guy where it hurts.

You can read the full story of revenge here:

"So, I've got an acquaintance (Richard) who has always been of the 'I know better than you' school of thought. What makes it worse is that he literally received his PHD in physics from one of my country's top universities about 6 months ago, so he's not a dummy. The problem is that he thinks that because he's a physics genius, that means he knows better than everyone about everything."
"Just an example, my kids are in Montessori schools. This is a decision my wife and I reached together, and we're very happy with it. When he heard, he went on a 30-minute rant/lecture about how we're throwing our money away and Montessori is nonsense. When I told him that I had read and even professionally translated studies proving the opposite, and gave him some real-world examples (Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin, Jeff Bezos, Larry Page, etc.), he still would not admit he might not be 100% correct. Not the subject of this revenge, but so you understand the person we're dealing with."
"Another thing that's important to note is that Richard does NOT have Asperger's or anything similar. We joke about this all the time, and he's been tested from here until next week. He's just a really smart, socially oblivious, pain in the a$$."
"Given all of the above, I try to limit my time with him, but unfortunately, that isn't always possible, and last week we were both at the same group braai for a friend (Jack) who was visiting back home from overseas. I've known Jack since grade school, so we brought our families and made it more than just a 'Long time, no see' type of thing."
"At some point later on in the afternoon my eldest (Awesome, <10 y/o) came to me really sad and said she wanted to go home. When I asked her way, she said that Richard had just spent 15 minutes telling her that she shouldn't eat hotdogs because they're unhealthy, and he explained what went into hotdogs and what they're made out of. Awesome is not a vegetarian, knows that the beef and chicken she eats used to be live animals, and has never professed interest in vegetarianism. At the same time, when a kid is eating a hotdog, they don't care or want to know what's inside."
"We spoke a bit, I calmed her down and I told her to ignore Richard and go play with her siblings and her friends. Being a kid, she was thankfully easily distracted by something else and moved on. I didn't want to make a fuss with Jack or with Richard, so I just let it be. This turned out to be a mistake."
"About 30 minutes later I heard Awesome scream and begin crying. I ran over to her, Richard had come up to her and knocked her hotdog out of her hand, saying she shouldn't eat that garbage. I handed Awesome over to my wife for damage control, and I took Richard aside and told him that A) You don't ever talk to a man's kids without permission, B) You don't ever teach a man's kids without permission, and C), You sure as s**t don't EVER touch a man's kids without permission. He doesn't have kids, so I still wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. This turned out to be a mistake."
"Instead of doing the mature thing and moving on, he decided to double down on the hotdog issue. This was the hill he was going to die on, my kids shouldn't be eating hotdogs. Keeping Jack in mind, I disengaged and told him to stay the f**k away from my family. For the rest of the arvie I kept my eye on him, and he didn't come near them. Jack enjoyed, we all ate some good meat, end of the story as far as I'm concerned. This turned out to be a mistake."
"A few days later we received a visit from a Child Protection Officer who claimed that we were neglecting our kids, specifically Awesome. She came in and saw that while the house could have been cleaner (what house with kids is spotless?), everything was fine. She sat with Awesome for a few minutes and asked her some questions, said everything was fine, and left."
"First thing I did was call a friend of mine who is a lawyer, just to be on the safe side. He said it looked to him like we were in the clear, but we should keep in touch with him just in case. Next, I began working the grapevine. It turned out that Richard had been offended by how I treated him after the hotdog incident, so he filed a false anonymous report. Being Richard, and never thinking he could ever be wrong, he was even talking about it as if people should be proud of him for what he did."
"I had to make sure, though, so the last thing I did before dropping the hammer on him was confronting him personally. I set my phone to record and went to his house. He doubled down yet again, saying we were torturing Awesome, he's the one who called Protective Services on us, and he'd do it again in a heartbeat. This turned out to be a mistake."
"I'm not the violent type, but I swear I wanted to break the son of a b**ch in half. I told him that if he came near myself or anyone in my family again, I'd have a restraining order put out on him, and I'd make sure every single one of our shared acquaintances knew why."
"I listened to the recording in my car, and his admission that he filed a false report came out clear as day. I immediately forwarded it to my lawyer, who said he'll get the ball rolling with some friends of his with the Public Prosecutor to see if we could get Richard in trouble, using his admission. Still waiting on that, the wheels of justice turn slowly sometimes."
"Then, I enacted my actual revenge. See, after he got his PHD, Richard bragged about the new flat he'd be moving into as soon as he sold his current flat. To that end, he renovated most of his current flat, including putting in lots of new (and expensive) features that required lots of electrical work. He did the same on his new flat. He did most of the electrical work himself, which is a big no-no unless you're licensed."
"I called in an inspector on both of his flats, who asked to see certification on who did the electrical work. Obviously, there was no certification. It wouldn't surprise me if, Richard being Richard, he began arguing with the inspector that his work was good enough and he didn't need to pay someone else to do it for him."
"I haven't seen or spoken to Richard since, but I've heard that he had to bring in a certified electrician to examine every single change he made in both flats. This meant dismantling EVERYTHING and having it inspected. Turns out the buyers of his old flat weren't happy with the delay in receiving the keys, and were even unhappier when they learned why there was a delay. They walked away from the deal and are taking him to court. Because his sale fell through, he's now in the hole paying mortgages on two flats. I don't know if there was a fine levied against him, but I sure as hell hope so."
"Lesson of the story – you don't ever f**k with a man's kids."

The father's fellow Redditers were totally behind him and quite unanimously supported his decision for revenge, as well as his choice of attack.

"That was a well-crafted report on, indeed, ProRevenge. D**k is lucky you didn't call the police on him for battery of a child." - Coopering
"It seems like he deserves to get his life messed up, he literally tried to get your kids taken away. Imagine if they came on an off day and your place was a mess and for some reason you had an argument with Awesome." - frys_grandson
"I mean... he hit your kid and then proudly made an attempt to have them taken away. You have more restraint than I would in this situation." - Hrilmitzh
"I speak for everyone here when I say keep us updated... dude got violent with a child. Grind him to dust." - Largonaut
"I second the update about the lawyer. People who file false claims of child abuse deserve every brick that's about to fall on them." - WyvernRider101

The father was not kidding when he said not to mess with someone else's kids. You shouldn't bother children to begin with, but in a situation like this, you also don't know how far they're willing to go to get back at you.