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Katy Perry Seems To Misinterpret 'American Idol' Contestant's 'Bangers' Compliment In Awkward Clip

Twitter seemed to think the 'American Idol' judge took a compliment about her 'bangers' as a comment on her body.

Screenshots of Katy Perry and contestant
American Idol/ABC

Someone get Katy Perry the Urban Dictionary app stat.

While, the American Idoljudge is no stranger to awkward moments on the singing competition show...

... her latest unfortunate moment was a classic case of generational jargon lapse and the internet is loving it.

And no, we're not talking about the 'wig' banter (which was totally her "language").

In a recent episode, a contestant complimented Perry on her "bangers," obviously praising the singer for her catchy hits like "Firework," "Roar," "California Gurls," and many others that have graced our ears for the last decade and a half.

But Perry seemingly misinterpreted the contestant's comment about her catalog of smash hits.

It all started when the contestant gushed to Perry:

"You have bangers. Plenty of bangers."

The "E.T" singer exhibited a clearly shocked expression, but she proceeded to awkwardly respond:

"I have bangers?"
"Oh thanks so much."

And then she continued:

"You've got great eyes and everything you need inside."

You can watch the cringe unfold below.

Viewers immediately took to Twitter to theorize Perry's definition of the term.

But Perry was definitely not alone in her confusion.

Selfishly, we're looking forward to many more of these moments at her expense.