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People Left Baffled By Katie Holmes’ Bizarrely Suggestive Photo To Celebrate The Biden/Harris Ticket

When Joe Biden announced on August 11 that California Senator Kamala Harris would be his choice for Vice President in the 2020 Presidential race, there were many reactions.

Many online were excited about Harris as VP and others felt another candidate may have been stronger.

Only actress Katie Holmes, however, chose to react to the news with what appeared to be a photo of herself...sexually aroused?

Holmes posted the photo to Instagram with the simple caption "BidenHarris2020."

This is a level of support Biden and Harris likely weren't expecting.

Many online joked about Holmes's...sensual support for the Democratic ticket.

This is far from Holmes's only baffling Instagram post. She appears to enjoy using her profile to gently troll her fans!

The world had better watch out—if Biden and Harris win the election in November, there's no telling what Holmes may post!