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Kate Middleton Wore A Green Dress—And Photoshoppers Just Couldn't Help Themselves

The royal's sustainable rented dress was just the right color to act as a green screen.

Kate Middleton; Kate Middleton and Prince William
Karwai Tang/WireImage/Getty Images; @jules_beesley/Twitter

In our technical age, it's become something of a cardinal rule for public figures to never wear solid green in a public appearance.

Because if you do, your outfit *will* get Photoshopped when internet tricksters use your outfit as a greenscreen on which to insert any image imaginable, turning your ensemble into internet absurdity.

The British Royals learned this the hard several times when the late Queen Elizabeth II wore green to various appearances and almost instantaneously became a meme as the internet Photoshopped everything from cats to pizza onto her clothes.

Or at least, the British Royals should have learned this the hard way. But when it comes to Princess of Wales Kate Middleton, the lesson definitely didn't land, because when she and Prince William visited Boston recently, guess what she wore?

That's right green.

And not just a little bit of green—head to toe green.

Now to be fair, Middleton looks absolutely sensational, as always. And the dress was for a good cause.

Middleton wore it to the ceremony for the Earthshot Prize, a yearly $1 million award given to five innovators in the field of environmental science to continue their important work.

Staying on the "green" theme, Middleton leaned into the color, and also rented the dress as a nod to sustainability.

Which is all fantastic. But in the end it was kind of overshadowed by the fact that Middleton basically turned herself into a walking green screen.

And, well, you can probably guess what happened next.

As one viral tweeter mentioned of Kate's dress:

"this outfit choice simply highlights that her stylist doesn’t understand the internet😬"

It took no time at all for the internet to go full-tilt absurd with Princess Kate's ensemble.

Hopefully, Kate will learn from this experience. Although the dearly departed Queen never really seemed to, and it's now arguably a wonderfully light-hearted part of her legacy.

So maybe don't worry about it, Princess Kate. On second thought, thanks for the laughs!