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Kari Lake Hit With Chorus Of Boos From Arizona Republicans After GOP Chairman Scandal

The GOP Senate candidate was booed at an Arizona Republican Party meeting to elect the next chairperson after the former chairman resigned following leaked audio in which he appeared to tell Lake to stay out of politics.

Kari Lake
Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Gatherers at the Arizona Republican Party conference booed and jeered the state's 2024 GOP Senate election candidate Kari Lake this weekend.

The raucous reception followed a scandal tying Lake to Arizona GOP Chairman Jeff DeWit, who was halfway through his two-year term when a leaked audio recording suggesting she stay out of politics by offering a job and asking her to name her price led to his resignation on Wednesday.

DeWit has now been replaced by Gina Swoboda, an election activist endorsed by former Republican President Donald Trump, to succeed DeWit as the new Chair of the Arizona Republican Party.

Lake was previously a news anchor for Phoenix television station KSAZ-TV. She stepped down from her position just as Trump endorsed her GOP candidacy for her unsuccessful 2022 Gubernatorial race.

"You may not agree with me on everything," she told the Arizona GOP crowd over the weekend.

She continued suggesting they could both unite by meeting halfway, saying:

"But what we can agree on is that elections in Arizona are a corrupt mess election."
"Can we agree that elections are a mess in Arizona?"

Attendees didn't think so, and let her know with a chorus of boos.

One audience member was heard yelling:

“You did it!"

Here is a clip, shared by Washington Post reporter Yvonne Wingett Sanchez, in which you can hear the unfavorable reception.

The derision and mockery aimed at Lake continued online.

Lake is one of several Republicans endorsed by Trump to face scrutiny.

After losing the 2022 Gubernatorial race to Democrat and former Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, Lake cited election fraud, a response right out of Trump's playbook.

Lake refused to concede and sought legal counsel to challenge the election results following her defeat, but to no avail.

Courts dismissed numerous lawsuits filed by her team due to lack of evidence.