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'Karen' Dragged After Calling Cops On 'Rowdy Pool Party' Consisting Of 4 People And A Kiddie Pool

'Karen' Dragged After Calling Cops On 'Rowdy Pool Party' Consisting Of 4 People And A Kiddie Pool

With the pandemic dragging on all too many of us are running out of things to do. But some of us, it seems, have entirely too much time on our hands and desperately need to take up a hobby or something.

Case in point?

A Dublin, California Karen called the cops on a "rowdy pool party" consisting of two children, two adults and what looks to be about a four-foot-wide kiddie pool.

And the video taken by the "rowdy"—and very mystified—partygoers themselves in the aftermath has people on TikTok rolling.

@ladyraroo Our angry neighbor called the cops on us 😆 ##poolparty ##neighbors
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The video—recorded and posted to TikTok by user @ladyraroo—opened with a Dublin Police cruiser pulling away from the woman's house as she chuckled and said:

"You guys would not believe what just happened."

She then explained her neighbor called the police because of a "rowdy pool party." She then showed us the "pool party"—her roommate and her two kids sitting in lawn chairs with their feet in a kiddie pool—as the roommate howled with laughter.

The woman then turned back to the camera laughing, and explained the neighbor drove by a few minutes before, scowling at the women and kids. A few minutes later, the cops showed up—who laughed just as hard at the absurd situation.

The woman said they told her:

"We got a call about a rowdy pool party, and we were expecting a bunch of teenagers with a real pool and like, cannon-balling and yelling with loud music and whatnot."

The woman's fellow TikTokers were just as bemused by the absurd situation.







And several their own stories about ridiculous neighbor complaints.



Some others thought the "Hate has no home here" sign in @ladyraroo's yard sparked the neighbor's ire.



Sure enough, in a follow-up video, @ladyraroo described a second interaction with the neighbor later that day. When @ladyraroo asked the neighbor why she had so much hate in her heart, the neighbor responded:

"I don't, I just don't need a sign."

People sure are touchy these days.