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Kim K. Showed Up To A Halloween Party As Mystique—Only To Realize It Wasn't A Costume Party

Kim Kardashian dropped by Tracee Ellis Ross' 50th birthday bash in her full 'X-Men' look before making the awkward discovery.

Kim K. Showed Up To A Halloween Party As Mystique—Only To Realize It Wasn't A Costume Party
Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images for Tiffany & Co.; @kimkardashian/Instagram

In an incident straight out of a bad dream, Kim Kardashian showed up to actor Tracee Ellis Ross' 50th birthday part over the weekend impeccably dressed in a painstaking Halloween get-up as X-Men's Mystique—only to find upon arrival the party was not a costume party.

Kardashian even had two friends join her at the party who were also dressed as female X-Men characters—influencers Olivia Pierson and Natalie Halcro came as Magik and super-villain Selene, respectively, to round out Kardashian's Marvel theme.

But when they got there, all they found was your standard upscale dinner-and-cake birthday bash. Oops.

Kardashian went full-on in the Halloween look, donning not only Mystique's skin-tight latex jumpsuit, but also her painstaking makeup job to render her face entirely blue and covered with the character's scaly skin texture.

The process reportedly took as much as nine hours to complete for actors Rebecca Romijn and Jennifer Lawrence when they played the character in the various X-Men movies they starred in.

No word on how long Kardashian's make-up job took, but she definitely didn't skimp on the details, even donning contact lenses to turn her brown eyes to Mystique's yellow ones.

All that when she could have just thrown on an evening dress and had some birthday cake. Oh well.

At least she was able to get a laugh out of it, however. On her Instagram Story, Kardashian posted a snap with Ellis in which she joked about her party attire mistake.

In onscreen text, Kardashian wrote:

"That time I showed up to a birthday dinner in full costume when it wasn't a costume party!"

Thankfully, Ellis Ross's birthday bash wasn't the only party Kardashian was attending that night. She later attended a true costume party where she rubbed elbows with another iconic celebrity who went full-on for their Halloween costume, Diddy, who dressed as late actor Heath Ledger's take on Joker from Batman.

On social media, plenty of people were feeling some secondhand embarrassment for Kim's gaffe.

But people sure did love Kim's costume.

Kardashian wasn't the only one slaying the X-Men character's look. Musician Saweetie also stepped out in a Mystique get-up. No word on whether she wore it to a regular ol' birthday party though.