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Journalists Call Out Trump For Tweeting Doctored Video Of Biden Supposedly Playing NWA On His Phone


During a recent campaign event in Florida, Joe Biden took the stage and, doing a little jig, played the hit song "Despacito" on his phone.

The moment was likely in honor of the song's singer Luis Fonsi, who introduced Biden.

Shortly after the clip went viral, however, President Donald Trump began spreading a doctored clip in which "Despacito" was replaced with a song from the rap group NWA.

Journalists all over Twitter quickly fact check Trump's tweet.

Trump's attempt to create fake news was especially brazen considering how many journalists were covering the Biden event.

Though Biden received some blowback from the moment among progressives, most people seemed to think it was a harmless gesture.

Why must Americans spend so much time sorting out which of the President's statements are true and which are not?

President Trump may not check the facts before he tweets, which is all the more reason we all should as often as possible.