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Jimmy Fallon Under Fire After 'SNL' Clip From 2000 Resurfaces Of Him Imitating Chris Rock In Blackface

Jimmy Fallon Under Fire After 'SNL' Clip From 2000 Resurfaces Of Him Imitating Chris Rock In Blackface
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

In a sudden turn of events, comedian Jimmy Fallon has become the latest target of canceling on Twitter.

A resurfaced Saturday Night Live sketch has landed Fallon in hot water, and he has since issued an apology.

It took less than a day for Twitter user's @chefboyohdear tweet of a troubling clip of Jimmy Fallon to go viral.

Back in 2000, while still a cast member on SNL, Fallon did an impression of fellow comedian and SNL alumnus Chris Rock... while in blackface.

Blackface, or a White person donning make up to resemble an African American person, has historically been used to mock Black people and is considered highly offensive.

The caption, "NBC fired Megyn Kelly for mentioning blackface. Jimmy Fallon performed on NBC in blackface", refers to a more recent controversy, when news anchor Megyn Kelly defended blackface to guests while on MSNBC.

Some people were disappointed in Fallon and SNL, causing the hashtag #jimmyfallonisoverparty to trend on Twitter.

Blackface has been known as insulting for decades now and Fallon and the SNL crew should have known better.

However, a majority of the replies weren't so impressed by @chefboyohdear's attempt to cancel TheTonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon host.

Cast members on SNL don't just walk on stage and do whatever they want. Writers create sketches and producers and directors approve them.

Ultimate responsibility on this goes far beyond Fallon who was just an SNL cast member 20 years ago.


The #jimmyfallonisoverparty hashtag was also hijacked by people who are fed up with the internet's "cancel culture".

It didn't take long for Fallon to issue an apology on Twitter.

He called the decision to wear the blackface makeup "offensive" and inexcusable and thanked the public for calling him out for it.

Fans filled the replies with support.

Fallon joins singers Lana Del Rey and Doja Cat in racism based controversy this week.

Del Rey is currently facing backlash for calling out female musicians of color in an attempt to defend her own music. Meanwhile, Doja Cat has been accused of participating in alt-right chatroom discussions and using racist lyrics.