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Jennifer Lopez Reveals She Was Supposed To Be Part Of That Madonna And Britney VMAs Kiss

Christina Aguilera ended up stepping in for J.Lo instead.

Jennifer Lopez; Britney Spears and Madonna
Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images; Kevin Kane/WireImage/Getty Images

It turns out the iconic MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) kiss between Madonna and Britney Spears was almost very different.

Jennifer Lopez, currently making the media rounds to promote her new movie Shotgun Wedding and her new album This is Me...Now, told E! News she was asked to be part of the VMA kisses, but was unable to do so due to scheduling conflicts.

"I was filming a movie in Canada, and we had met—me, her and Britney—to do it at her home...And then, I just couldn't get off the film, and so, we couldn't do it."

Instead, another pop-star was chosen—Christina Aguilera.

You can see the E! News interview here:

Jennifer Lopez Addresses Madonna VMAs KISS Rumor | E!

Lopez is a big fan of Madonna, even to the point of making "Like a Virgin" her go-to karoake song.

As a refresher on the VMAs viral moment, Madonna, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera did a wedding themed performance that culminated in Madonna kissing both Spears and Aguilera—dressed in white lingerie—while Madonna herself donned an outfit reminiscent of a wedding tux.

The usually blond Aguilera was noticeably brunette for the performance and perhaps this behind the scenes information explains why.

This conversation with E! News was the first time Lopez had personally confirmed what had up until now only been rumor.

Soon enough, some people had thoughts about it.

People pointed out Lopez being in the moment rather than Aguilera would have changed the entire point of the moment, which was heightened by Spears and Aguilera being set up at the time as rival pop stars.

Some were just here for the mess.

Someone asked if there was perhaps even someone else who was originally wanted in the moment.

Others just took the opportunity to cast shade on Lopez's career.

People did come in to defend Lopez's career and her ability to create a culturally memorable moment.

They noted she was the reason Google Images was even invented.

But some people decided to accuse Lopez of lying.

Rumor, urban legend, real deal or embellishment, Lopez certainly caught a cultural moment again.

She evoked a strong memory for fans just as she was hyping her new movie, album and her upcoming Vegas residency.

No matter their opinion of Lopez, even her detractors need to give her props for her hype game.