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Jason Momoa Takes Joyous Birthday Dip In Hot Tub While It's Snowing For First Time In Viral Video

The actor shared his reaction to the snowflakes on his birthday as he made his way to a hot tub in New Zealand in a pumped up Instagram video.

Jason Momoa
Fiona Goodall/Getty Images for Universal Pictures

When you think of your birthday you probably reflexively also think of the season in which it happens, right?

A December birthday makes you think of winter and Christmas and cold weather. A July birthday is all summer and sunshine and heat.

But imagine if that all suddenly switched around entirely. It would probably make quite the impression, right? Such was the case with actor Jason Momoa's recent birthday on August 1.

Aquaman himself recently celebrated the big 4-4, but unlike all 43 previous birthdays, this one happened in New Zealand--where it is the dead of winter instead of the dog days of summer. The seasons in the northern and southern hemispheres run opposite of each other.

And boy, was it ever an experience for the Hawaiian born actor.

As he shared in an Instagram video, it actually snowed on Momoa's birthday down in Aotearoa—and not just a few flurries. It like *snowed* snowed.

His video showed big fat flakes falling and collecting on all the trees surrounding the house he filmed the video at, just like here in parts of the states in January or February.

The bizarre change-up from the usual weather an American would celebrate an August birthday in was not lost on Momoa, who exclaimed "Happy birthday to me, what the hell is going on‽‽" as he made his way to a hot tub.

He went on to say:

“Look at that, August 1st. Never in my life — 44 years — did I ever get in a hot tub and it’s snowing baby.”

He then gave his fans a birthday "cheers" with a bottle of his Mananalu Water brand.

Momoa shared in another video on his Instagram profile that he has been visiting Queenstown, New Zealand on the country's south island. Some of the country's most famous natural wonders are located nearby, including The Remarkables, a mountain range famous for its ski slopes and alpine vistas.

Momoa's fans loved the enthusiasm he showed for his once-in-a-lifetime snowy August birthday.





Though many of of his followers didn't quite understand what was going on.





Giving us birthday joy and a geography lesson at the same time.

Who else could do it like this but Jason Momoa?