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James Corden Opens Up About His Reasons For Leaving 'The Late Late Show' After Eight Years

James Corden Opens Up About His Reasons For Leaving 'The Late Late Show' After Eight Years
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The Late Late Show host James Corden has opened up about the reasons behind his choice to leave the show after eight years, which he announced back in April.

Corden revealed that the decision had nothing to do with any unhappiness with the job, but rather the often difficult choice between work and family.

Corden revealed his reasons in an exclusive interview with Extra filmed in his native London where he is doing the show for the next few episodes, seen below.

James Corden Gets Candid About LEAVING His Show (Exclusive)

Despite his forthcoming departure, Corden spoke glowingly of his experience on the show, telling Extra "It’s all I ever wanted it to be."

But he said he felt like his time on the show had run its course.

"It was just a feeling of we’ve probably done all we wanted to do... I just didn’t want to ever get to a point where I was bored doing it."

Corden also explained that he was never planning to have the sort of decades-long tenure that is traditional among American late-night shows but not all that common in other parts of the world.

"By the time we finish, I’ll have done pretty much like 1,400 episodes. That’s a lot."
"I know that in America, these jobs are positions that people take for 10, 15, 20, 25 years. It was never ever going to be that for me."

Ultimately, though, it was family concerns and the long distance between Los Angeles, where the show is produced, and London that pushed Corden to draw the gig to a close. He told Extra:

"My kids are getting older, their grandparents are getting older, and it perhaps just felt like the right time for us as a family to be freer in our decisions."

On Twitter, many fans were sad to see Corden go.

But though his days may be numbered, Corden is definitely going out with a bang.

Following last week's Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, Corden dedicated a segment of a recent episode of The Late Late Show to lambasting the decision--a move many fans applauded.

And he landed a coveted interview slot with none other than Democratic President Joe Biden, which he used as an opportunity to enshrine singer Harry Styles in the White House--another move fans of all three men are applauding.

Corden will remain at the helm of The Late Late Show until next Spring.