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'Iron Man' Comic Book Writer Issues Hilariously Perfect Threat To Son's Preschool Bully

'Iron Man' Comic Book Writer Issues Hilariously Perfect Threat To Son's Preschool Bully
Donald Bowers/Getty Images for AMC; Marvel

One of the writers of many comic books including Iron Man is going viral for her perfect way of vanquishing his son's preschool bully.

Christopher Cantwell, who also writes the comic Doctor Doom and the tech-themed AMC television series Halt and Catch Fire, recently took to Twitter to share his method for putting bullies in their place—leveraging his job to scare the bully into submission.

As Cantwell shared, he told his son to tell his bully his dad not only has the power to end the bully's favorite comic, but also to make it the bully's fault.

See his tweet below.

Cantwell wrote:

"A kid in my son’s preschool bragged about reading Marvel Comics but he also pushed my son off the top of the slide, so I told my son to tell him that if that happens again, I’m going to kill Iron Man in the next issue and have him say as he’s dying 'This is because of Ryan'."

Stone cold!

Now that's what you call justice. Doesn't seem likely that Ryan's dad can do anything that would top killing off Iron Man.

This is the one plus ultra of "my dad can beat up your dad" taunts!

Now for those comic fans among you, don't worry—Cantwell followed up with a tweet confirming he will not be killing off the beloved Marvel character.

Cantwell tweeted:

"I obviously have power to do this and no message will be relayed, as much I’m tempted to engage in racketeering with children’s imaginations."

He then clarified in another tweet that he meant to type that he had "NO power to do this."

So Iron Man is definitely safe. Ryan, however? He better watch his back regardless.

People on Twitter absolutely loved Cantwell's version of justice.

And many comics fans provided their own versions of Cantwell's Ryan-centric Marvel comics.

Your move, Ryans of the world. Just know that Cantwell has your number.