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Iowa's GOP House Speaker Bans Wearing Jeans—But Refuses To Implement Mask Mandate

Speaker Pat Grassley/Facebook

Iowa's Speaker of the House, Republican Pat Grassley, created a controversy when, on February 2, he chose to enforce the chamber's dress code by barring a Democrat, Beth Wessel-Kroeschell, from speaking because she was wearing jeans.

Though many would consider this rule ludicrous regardless of the context, it was even more outrageous considering the multiple Republican lawmakers who refuse to wear masks and face no consequences.

Grassley drew harsh criticism from all sides for his blatant hypocrisy, saying a mask mandate was "unenforceable" while easily enforcing what pants lawmakers wear.

Many pointed out by refusing to wear masks, the Republicans in Iowa's Statehouse were putting the lives of everyone present at risk.

Apparently the rules apply only to Grassley's Democratic colleagues.

Grassley's reputation took a sizeable beating on Twitter.

It seems Republicans like Grassley have much higher priorities than the safety of those around them.

Republican opposition to masks has continued throughout the pandemic despite unified statements by medical health officials describing their necessity.