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Introverts Are Bonding On Twitter Over Just How Stressful Raffles Can Be

Hero Images via Getty Images/Twitter Richard Osman

Being an introvert can be both marvelous (cozy, creative alone time) or terrifying (big crowds, awkward small talk) and for many, even the most exciting times hold an element of stress.

For introverts, like English television host Richard Thomas Osman, public raffles have a special kind of dread. On the one hand, winning a great prize is awesome. On the other, you have a room full of people watching you receive the prize.

Osman took to Twitter and in one message summed up the introvert experience perfectly.

Boy did introverts relate.

And don't even get us started on the nightmare that is Bingo.

The struggle is real, folks.

So for all you extroverts out there, be a lamb, and collect those prizes for your beloved introvert.