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Video Of The First Woman To Get A Driver's License In Saudi Arabia Has The Internet Cheering

Video Of The First Woman To Get A Driver's License In Saudi Arabia Has The Internet Cheering

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is set to lift its ban on women driving on June 24, and the internet is really excited about the first issuance of driver's licenses to Saudi women.

On Monday, a video of the first Saudi woman to be granted a driver's license went viral, noting a major step forward for women's rights in the Arab Kingdom. Saudi Traffic Directorate Director General Mohammed Al-Bassami announced May 8 that the ban would be lifted and that all women who are legally eligible to drive will be allowed to do so.

The original video was posted by @saudalzman, with a caption that read: "Thousands of congratulations to the daughters of the homeland, being issued the first license in Saudi Arabia."

Last month, Saudi Arabia's General Saeed bin Abdullah Al-Qahtani, assistant minister of interior for operations affairs, announced that everything is now in place for women to begin enjoying their right to drive a car.

"All women who can drive will be eligible to drive and will be well-informed of all the violations so they will avoid them. I expect women's driving to be safer and that detentions will be made in very rare cases," Qahtani said in May. "Those who will drive cars are our daughters, wives and sisters, and it's our duty to remind them of rules and prevent any harm against them."

Twitter erupted with support for the new policy, which Saudi officials say benefits the state and helps to ensure the safety of women.

Congratulations are certainly in order.

And the historical significance wasn't overlooked, as it serves as hope for oppressed women all over the world.

There is still progress to be made in Saudi Arabia, however, including the law that requires women to wear veils in public. On Sunday, Saudi authorities released eight people who were arrested in May for protesting the country's ban on women driving.

In a show of support, American, British, and Canadian women are stepping up to train female driving instructors.

Human rights activist Massoud Maalouf tweeted that Saudi Arabia allowing women to drive "is an important first step in the law toward achieving some sort of gender equality."

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