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Laura Ingraham Tried To Mock Kate McKinnon's 'SNL' Impression Of Her—And It's A Cringe-Fest

Laura Ingraham Tried To Mock Kate McKinnon's 'SNL' Impression Of Her—And It's A Cringe-Fest
Fox News

Fox News personality Laura Ingraham attempted to mock Kate McKinnon's impression of her on Saturday Night Live, making her critics cringe terribly in the process.

McKinnon had reprised her bit as Ingraham during the most recent episode's cold open and received considerable praise. Not to be outdone on her own program, Ingraham attempted to respond by mimicking McKinnon's impression in a moment that was a little too meta even for Fox News.

You can hear Ingraham's impression in the video below.

Ingraham delivered the following statements while attempting to copy McKinnon’s vocal inflection and facial expressions:

"Now there is a reason I like Kate McKinnon. I have so much respect for her as talent."
"She is so even handed in the political commentary, but seriously, think of all the low-hanging fruit provided by Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, Little Petey B and the Squad on a near daily basis."
"I think this is comedy gold, don't you?"

Ingraham went on to say that she likes "doing Kate McKinnon doing me, cause she’s kind of fun," calling her "very even handed in her political humor."

But then, acting as if she'd been told McKinnon doesn't make an equal opportunity of mocking both sides of the political aisle (which McKinnon has), Ingraham said she'd be open to coming on SNL herself:

“Here’s my deal. I will come in to SNL — I have actually hung back stage a few times. You didn’t know I was there."
"I’ll do Nancy Pelosi, the impression of Pelosi for free. I’m a member of SAG but I will do it for free.”

While it would not be out of the ordinary for Ingraham to come on and acknowledge the humor at her expense, it seemed evident, at least among social media users, that few would actually like to see Ingraham take the stage until she improves her acting abilities.

Ingraham's impression brought to a mind a recent example of her humor failing to land with her viewers, particularly a bizarre "Who's on first?"-style exchange between her and network contributor Raymond Arroyo about "all those woke storylines in so many shows today."

The exchange, which attempted to lampoon a recent storyline on the popular Netflix show You, left many viewers rolling their eyes. The show's star, actor Penn Bagdley echoed an earlier assessment from comedian Tim Heidecker that the bit was definitely pre-planned.